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Character Interview: Amiranda: Princess Amiranda and the Tale of the Deciduous Forest's Amiranda @#characterinterview

We are really excited to have Amiranda here with us today at Blogging Authors! Amiranda comes from the inside pages of John P. Adamao's new book, Princess Amiranda and the Tale of the Deciduous Forest. Take it away, Amiranda!

What is your name?

   My name is Amiranda, and although I feel like an ordinary girl, I am actually the Princess of my home village, Luxing.  My mom and dad are the King and Queen of Luxing and I am an only child. 

What do you look like?

    I have long, brown hair and my nose has a bit of a ski-slope to it, just a tiny bit.   

Where are you today and what are you doing?

     I am at my father’s castle… he always has me preparing for life as a noble.  I have my own butler named Jove and my own chef named Kistoffe.  Jove makes sure I practice piano, get dressed in the morning, and do all my studying, and Kistoffe cooks my meals for me.  He is a wonderful chef, but I wish he would learn to create some new recipes… nothing extravagant… just different.  Everyday is more of the same thing I guess…   

You come face to face with your worse enemy. How do you react?

     I don’t know… I don’t really have enemies.  I tend to treat people how I like to be treated, so I guess I would be nice to them?  I guess it all depends how mean they are… but I would try to be nice.

How would your parents describe you?

     I don’t really see my parents all too much… my dad is busy running things at the castle and my mom and I aren’t really close.  My caretaker, “Nana,” she is the one that takes care of me mostly and we have a close connection.  I think she would describe me as kind, and inquisitive… definitely inquisitive. 😊

Who is your best friend?

     That’s an easy one… my dog “Peatie.”  He is always at my side, tripping over my toes.  He is still a puppy and goes nowhere without me.  Whenever he can, he licks the tip of my nose.  It tingles when he does. 

Are you faith-oriented?

      I believe there is good in all of us, and I strive to be good.  With my strict-upbringing, my parent’s always stress how important it is to do the right thing… for the good of the whole town of Luxing.  After all, it is a big responsibility.  However, I often wonder… how do I rule over all these people when I don’t really know to much about them?  I guess my father knows what’s best and I have to trust him. 

Are you married or in a relationship?

      No, I am only a teenager.  I am always in the castle so I don’t really meet anyone my own age… although I do see kids playing in the distance sometimes from my castle window.  I often wonder what it would be like to meet them, and play would them… and if they would like me.  They play in the fields, and sometimes they get their hands or clothes dirty… something I would never be allowed to. 

Do you have children?

      No but perhaps one day I will.  And if I do, I would teach them everything they would need to know about being a normal kid… that is, if I were able to.  Fact is, I never really had a real childhood, but I would love to let my children live a normal life, if given the choice.      

An instant classic tale portraying the life of “Amiranda,”an innocent and brave princess, who unwittingly sets out on a quest that will ultimately determine the fate of her entire kingdom.
From her castle window, Amiranda would gaze at the beautiful countryside below-always watching carefully, always observing everything. Gradually the princess realizes that she knows very little of the small kingdom over which she would one day reign. Nevertheless, Amiranda would never disobey her father’s wishes, especially the one to never enter the mysterious dark forest, which borders their kingdom. That is, until one day when she would have no other choice.

Amiranda will take a journey that will lead her on a wild adventure, where the decisions she makes will determine the fate of many lives-the lives of her animal friends, her family members, those who dwell in her kingdom, and her very own life as well. Travel along on this trip where Princess Amiranda hopes to find the missing piece in her existence and ends up trying to achieve the impossible….

John Adamo is a Long Island-based author and songwriter who has copyrighted more than four hundred poems and has both written and composed numerous songs and short stories. Music has always been an integral part of John’s life, as he has performed at different venues all across Long Island—both as a professional pianist since the age of seventeen (one year after his father passed away) and also as a disc jockey / emcee for various private parties and public events.

This is John’s first formal work, which was originally written as a screenplay and copyrighted in 1998. John has always had the visualization that an animated movie would one day be made from his work. The author wanted to put together a story unlike any other, and one that could be enjoyed by people of all ages … both young and old alike. A story that reinforced good values, covered common ethics, and taught morals as John feels those important criteria are so often left out in today’s modern fairy tales.

After having the screenplay sit on his shelf for nearly fifteen years, John felt that it was finally time to let the world know the life and world of Amiranda—a Cinderella-type princess who has everything in the world that a princess could possibly ask for, but is still missing something more in her life. With your help, John hopes that he can help fulfill Amiranda’s aspirations, hopes, and dreams. Last but not least, John hopes you like Amiranda’s story just as much as he enjoyed writing it … Enjoy!


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