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New Release! Battle of the Bullies by Fenyx Blue #newrelease #YA @fenyxblueink

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 Three sisters versus their bullies.  Who will win?  

By Fenyx Blue

Author: Fenyx Blue
Publisher: Wisdom Works, LLC.
Pages: 301
Genre: Young Adult Fiction


Ebony, Eris, and Emani Robertson have been through so much more than most high school freshmen. When they were younger, they survived a school shooting that killed their friend and left their oldest sister unable to speak. After giving homeschooling a try, they enroll in a promising new academy, hoping for the best.

The Robertson triplets soon discover, however, that their new classmates are anything but kind. A mysterious group of bullies known as the Dimes rules the hallways and spreads fear everywhere they go. All three sisters end up being targets of the gang and have to find a way to defend themselves. Can they bring down the Dimes while trying to make it through the ninth grade?



Bold, Loving, Unapologetic, and Evolving are words to describe Fenyx Blue.

Ms. Blue is an author, Youtuber (FENYX BLUE INK), speaker, ministry leader, mentor, instructional coach  and her school district’s former “Those Who Excel” Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Blue is a soldier in the Blue Fenyx movement encouraging every phoenix in the world to rise up.  Blue’s mission is to inspire, motivate and educate.  Blue speaks to audiences about their purpose and power and works to coach other authors through their journey to become published. Her novels are tools for teachers while being candy for students.

Fenyx Blue has penned four books in her poetic collection in which she shares true life tales and lessons:  Her first Young Adult novel entitled Who Failed Johnny? (Book 1 of The Triplet Trilogy), second YA novel Battle of the Bullies, a Children’s book called Worth the Weight: A Rare Gem, and a Poetry Book by the name of The Blue Ink Movement. With the help of her extended family and friends network, her self-published books will touch many lives this year.   Fenyx wants to paint the whole world BLUE.


Twitter: @FenyxInk

Facebook: Fenyx Blue Ink: Blue Writers Block



The Blue Ink Movement

Who Failed Johnny?

Worth the Weight: A Rare Jem

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10 Things You Might Not Know About His Kilt Dropped Here by Kathleen Shaputis @nwauthor #10Things

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Kathleen Shaputis, author/ghostwriter, lives in the glorious Pacific Northwest with her husband, Bob, a clowder of cats, two pompously protective Pomeranians with little social aptitude, Brugh and Miss Jazzy, and an overgrown adolescent blue tick coon hound, Juno.

If not writing during her lifestyle in an acre of forest, she keeps busy reading from her never-ending, to-be-read pile and watching romantic comedies. Her hygge in the woods.





10 Things You Might Not Know About His Kilt Dropped Here

1.      The book was first published by Crimson Romance imprint of Simon and Schuster in 2015. The title was rather bland and the cover, I felt, had nothing in common with the story. They had a female in a plaid skirt skipping in a grassy field. The main character, Rogue, is an orphaned heiress who lives to be near her horses, especially the dynamic and dangerous Friesian, Doughal. Rogue would take the company of horses over humans any day. She would never be caught skipping.
I asked for my rights back and have self-published the book with a new title and cover design.

2.     One of the main male characters, Bruce Mackenzie, was originally named Brugh (sounds like Hugh), a name I had discovered years ago. Long before the book was written, I bought a cream-colored Pomeranian puppy and named him Brugh, for the Scottish character running through my head. The family wanted to spell his name Brew for easier sake, but that wasn’t his name. Unfortunately the publisher who first bought the book thought having two uncommon names, Rogue and Brugh, would be too much for the reader. My four-footed Brugh is still alive and well – keeping my lap or feet warm.

3.     Have you met the Diva Squad? Starring Rafael and T-Cup, they are two of my favorite side characters. Both are professional entertainers headlining in the Seattle area as drag queens, Beyawncee and Jaello. Their snarky attitudes make me laugh at the keyboard. They know how to make their swish and snap sizzle. Some day I would like to write their story. I’d love to hear from the audience if they’d like to see the Diva Squad star in their own detective series.

4.    Rogue raises Friesians – as well as other duties at the castle. Have you ever stood next to a Friesian horse? These are the creatures used by medieval knights as their power and strength could easily handle the weight of a man’s armor. As a child I grew up riding in the back of my mom’s Ford station wagon on long journeys to visit relatives. Out the windows I visioned galloping along the wheat-colored hills on the back of a pitch-black Friesian, while beside me ran a luscious coated collie like Lassie. Such were my daydreams.

5.     Another four-footed side character in the book is Ferdinand, a Scottish Highland cattle. This sturdy, shaggy breed has long horns and draping wavy, wooly coats. I have a stuffed one on the front dash of my car. He has a Scotland flag on his foot and you can barely see his eyes. I would love to raise a little calf on my two acres here in the Northwest.

6.    A palm-reader, Nell, plays a pivotal role in this story. As a Sagittarius, I am fairly easy to read by psychics and have enjoyed readings by some very astute people over the years. There have also been some not very gifted. My first experience was with my mother’s hairdresser who read cards for people on the side. He said it was like watching a movie in his mind, he was merely relaying the information. His talent eventually led him into a more lucrative profession of working with detectives.

7.     Part of the castle is used as a romantic bed and breakfast often hired for weddings. Did you ever dream of having a wedding at a castle, walking down a flower-strewn aisle like a princess? Though I didn’t have these fantasy thoughts as a little girl myself, I was raised on three Disney princesses, Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Their happily ever afters each ended at a castle.

8.    A central plot in His Kilt Dropped Here surrounds a week-long writers’ conference staying at the Baillie Castle. I had the delightful experience of attending such a conference at Hever Castle in England back in 2012. It was from this event, my husband originally suggested I write an Agatha Christie murder mystery where my fellow conference attendees are killed off one by one. Too dark and depressing. I must say, none of the characters in the book even slightly resemble my fellow writers from that week.

9.    Did you know Scotland produces some excellent wines? It is a rather new commercial industry, developed in the last thirty to forty years. The land adjacent to the Baillie Castle also belongs to the heiress, Rogue. These are the Bruce lands. Rogue is the only child of both the Baillie and Bruce lineage. So, I imagined she and her aunt would create a fruit vineyard for specialty wines they could use and sell at the castle.

10.                        Another of my favorite side characters is Robbie, maintenance and part-time butler, husband of Putney, the cook. The two of them have been employed at the castle all their married life. Putney’s mother was the castle’s cook before her. I feature Robbie as a Leo G. Carroll personality. Mr. Carroll portrayed the manservant, Joseph, in the 1939 movie Wuthering Heights, one of my favorite movies. I see Robbie as a mixture of Joseph and Grumpy from Snow White’s seven dwarves. A lovable curmudgeon.

About the Book:

Author: Kathleen Shaputis
Publisher: Clutter Fairy Publishing
Pages: 170
Genre: Magic Realism Scottish Romance


Rogue Bruce enjoys running a Scottish castle turned bed-and-breakfast with her Aunt Baillie from America. They specialize in hosting romantic Elizabethan-themed weddings, complete with resident ghost, Lord Kai. But love is something Rogue is not the least bit interested in. Content with her work, she requires no male accompaniment for happiness.

A new delivery service brings Bruce MacKenzie, a Thor look-alike in plaid and denim, fetching more than the usual number of groceries from town, while Jonathan Olson, a snobbish, dark, Rhett Butler type, arrives at the castle to administer a writing seminar for aspiring authors. With two men after the heart she’d thought safely locked away, Rogue is flattered and confused. But when things start to take a sinister turn, danger befalls Rogue and those dear to her. The musical soundtrack of Rogue’s life flares from complacent, to dizzyingly romantic, to heart-thumping scary in this sizzling triangle.


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10 Things You Might Not Know About Arrowed: Resort to Murder IV by Avery Daniels @my_averydaniels #10Things

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Avery Daniels was born and raised in Colorado, graduated from college with a degree in business administration and has worked in fortune 500 companies and Department of Defense her entire life. Her most eventful job was apartment management for 352 units. She still resides in Colorado with two brother black cats as her spirited companions. She volunteers for a cat shelter, enjoys scrapbooking and card making, photography, and painting in watercolor and acrylic. She inherited a love for reading from her mother and grandmother and grew up talking about books at the dinner table.




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10 Things You Might Not Know About Arrowed: Resort to Murder IV

1)     There are myriad different kinds of Resorts.  This book takes place in a Health and Wellness resort.  Health and wellness resorts specialize in a multitude of fitness programs, yoga classes, outdoor activities, wellness workshops, and even include smoking cessation, meditation classes, emotional wellbeing, spirituality and more.

2)     Because it is a wellness resort, there’s no alcohol served.  So my main characters bring in their own to have cocktails.

3)     Santa Fe is one of my favorite places to just take off and drive to, which helped my writing.  I couldn’t visit during Covid because of New Mexico travel restrictions.  I relied on my past visits and targeted internet research.

4)    I spotlight a mixed drink that most don’t know is far more popular in Mexico than Margaritas.  It’s probably the most popular cocktail in all of Mexico, it’s called a Paloma.  With New Mexico’s heritage, I thought it would be fun and different to incorporate this drink.  It’s a tequila and grapefruit mixed drink that is summery and refreshing.  I include my own special recipe on the classic drink in Arrowed.  

5)     Phone orders for tickets for the 1996 Olympics held in Georgia saw ticket sales people inform residents of New Mexico that only US orders could be taken via phone.  New Mexico Magazine has a monthly compilation of stories about Americans who don't know that New Mexico is a U.S. state. The editor, Walter Lopez, talks about the bank tellers, cell phone providers, and ticketing agents who tell New Mexicans that they reside in another country.  So Arrowed is doing its part to show NM, the 47th state, is part of the US.

6)    New Mexico has a rich and colorful heritage with influence from Mexico and Native American cultures.  Arrowed incorporates both of these influences in Arrowed.

7)    I include a fictional legend of a Native American curse in the book that provides just a smidgen of atmosphere to the murder mystery.

8)    The murder victim and a few of the suspects work in Venture Capital Funding.  Venture Capital is not a bank loan.  If you have money you want to invest and get higher returns than a normal stock or bond, you could work with a Venture Capital firm.  The firm finds small to medium startup companies with perceived growth potential and pairs them with the investors.  The firm handles all the money between the two and reports on the startup company’s progress and pays returns to the investor. These investments are characterized as very high-risk/high-return opportunities.  They are regulated just like banks.  This seemed like a perfect setup for murder with all that money.

9)    Depending on where you live, you may not be familiar with Southwest architecture and furniture.  I feature it throughout the book.  California and New Mexico have a lot of the Pueblo Revival style or Santa Fe style buildings, also called Spanish revival.  It features adobe style built with concrete, stucco or mortar smooth walls and red tile roofs. The massive wood components, heavy wood doors, ceiling beams, and porch posts are a striking counterpart to the smooth walls.  The furniture features rustic wood and bright colors in Native American motifs.

10)  Part of the storyline is that Julienne and Mason expect some private time for intimacy.  The murder victim grabs Juliennes ankle as he is dying, interrupting a romantic kiss-filled moonlit stroll their first night.  They continue to have roadblocks to romance throughout the book. 

About the Book:

Title: ARROWED: Resort to Murder #4
Author: Avery Daniels
Publisher: Blazing Sword Publishing Ltd.
Pages: 250
Genre: Cozy Mystery

It all began when a dying man with an arrow in his chest grabs her ankle.

During a heat wave at a Santa Fe resort, Julienne has the resort owner pressuring her to solve the murder.

The victim is a high-profile businessman who made enemies rather than friends, leaving Julienne with a roster of suspects. She was supposed to be training the staff and spending quality time with Mason rather than investigating a murder. The heat turns up when an old girlfriend of Mason’s checks in and is determined to get back together.

Arrowed is the fourth book in Avery Daniel’s Resort to Murder series and is a contemporary cozy mystery.  If you like Cleo Coyle, Maddy Hunter, Duffy Brown, Lynn Cahoon, and Annette Dashofy, then you’ll love this series with a strong intelligent sleuth, lavish settings, and tantalizing mysteries.

Buy this spunky clean cozy mystery and start enjoying Julienne’s adventures today!


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Other Books in the Series







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The Joy of Building the Realms by Kevin D. Miller @bifrost_books #Guest

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Kevin D. Miller is an attorney in Southern California who spends his two hour commute listening to Science Fiction and Fantasy books on Audible or dreaming up plots for future book ideas. When he isn’t working, Kevin can be found spending time with his girlfriend Amy, and their two dogs Pepper and Riley or hiking and kayaking in Big Bear.




The Joy of Building the Realms

By Kevin D. Miller


One of the many joys of being a writer is the ability to build expansive worlds that our readers get to explore as they tag along with the story’s main character. I, myself have loved running along the streets of Chicago with Harry Dresden in Jim Butcher’s, The Dresden Files and watched as Minalan the Spellmonger fought the forces of darkness in The Spellmonger Series by Terry Mancour. These and many other authors skillfully crafted massive and immersive worlds of wonder that we as readers get to experience first hand.  It was from these masters of the art that I took my cue when writing Awakening. With the main character Leif needing to traverse many of the nine realms from Norse mythology. I wanted to create awe inspiring realms that my readers, long after they finished Awakening found themselves thinking about the natural splendor of the forest city of Karcoa or the alien beauty of Helheim. I want them to wish they could travel back to the  Svartalfar capital city of Mykheim to stare out over the architectural marvel of the city. Because that’s exactly what I do for those books and movies I love. 


It was through a little trick I discovered In the early stages of developing my story that I was able to create the immersive realms that Leif had to travel through. I would close my eyes, turn up my music and just imagine myself as Leif walking through these alien realms. Picturing in my minds eye what it must have been like to see Karcoa and its massive trees for the first time or the untold mysteries of the forest realm of Alfhiem. It was one of my favorite past times in the early days. I would just close my eyes and explore the realms with Leif for hours. It is an easy trick to learn and I would recommend for ever Sci/fi and fantasy author to give it a try for when writing. Who knows what you may find while exploring. And even if you aren’t an author but just someone who enjoys reading. I would say give it a try with your favorite story, I promise you will have fun. 

About the Book:

Kevin D. Miller
BiFrost Books
336 pp.
High Fantasy / Epic Fantasy / Action and Adventure / Norse Fantasy / Viking Fantasy / Norse Gods and Goddesses


A megalomaniac god is pursuing a millennia-old vendetta, and Leif must learn to wrangle a newly awakened power to either become a hero or a villain. He will leave his old life and run from creatures he believed were reserved for myth and legend. He travels across the realms while struggling to tame the blinding rage that comes with his new demi-god like power. Will Leif survive the intra-realm quest and prevent Ragnarok or will he fail to control his awakening?


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