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Guest Author: Dwayne G. Anderson, author of PARTIALLY HUMAN

My name is Dwayne G. Anderson; the G. stands for Gerald, after my late grandfather. I’m a young Canadian author who has found a way to express myself through written words. My books tend to have a hidden message to the reader depending on the theme of the story. Whether I’m writing general fiction, science fiction, romance, or fantasy, he has a story to tell, and important lessons of life to teach others.

“Partially Human” is my third book. Unlike my first two books “Alien Conflict” and “Hellfire Apocalypse”, where the rough draft only took a week to finish, “Partially Human” took me three months to finish the first draft. I then spent three years improving and proofreading the story while searching for a publisher. The publication process for this book was the hardest so far because the story was rejected by every publisher, the only publisher who did accept it for publication went out of business before the process was completed. Then he found Infinity Publishing, and finally, this first true masterpiece was in book form.

My writing method is simple and easy to follow while painting a clear picture of the scenes in one’s mind. Important issues of life are tackled in the stories, in Partially Human for example, friendship, love, being different, prejudice, acceptance, and toleration.

What inspired me to write Partially Human were my own experiences with being different. Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age sixteen, I suffered many hardships because of my “difference”. My brother and his friends cracked jokes about me, once he even called me a “handicapped kid”. Many people had a hard time accepting me as an equal individual who could still lead a normal life; I had very few friends, and was always an outcast in school. Now, these experiences have strengthened me into a man who is determined to face and overcome the challenges and obstacles life throws at him.

Even without an agent, I could still become a published author. The first book “Alien Conflict” was published by PublishAmerica, though because of the high price of their books, and their lack of reliable services such as editing, it didn’t sell many copies, I haven’t gotten a royalty from them for a while now. The second book “Hellfire Apocalypse” was a slight improvement over my first book, but not long after publication was completed, the publisher went dead. I got no royalties. Still, even despite the poor sales of these first two books, I was determined to find success. I don’t write for money, but rather, because I found something which I enjoy, and wishes to share those experiences in life as lessons taught to others through the stories I tells.

Still, I have found a bit of success as a writer as everyone in my hometown of Naicam now knows who I am, and I’m now better respected as an individual for those accomplishments. I have several more works planned in the future, including a sequel to both Alien Conflict and Hellfire Apocalypse. I will continue to devote my time to what I enjoy best in life, for writing is one of my few talents, and I wish the best of luck to others who wish to follow this path.

Dwayne G. Anderson

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