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Living in Magical Realism l Kathleen Shaputis @nwauthor #writing

Living in Magical Realism
Ever since I could hold a pencil, I’ve been writing plays and stories. My scripts were acted out by friends who lived in the neighborhood. This was my magical reality, making up stories for other people. I was a southern California kid born and raised in a dull tract of cookie cutter houses. Yet even in elementary school, many of my stories took place in the United Kingdom with lines like “Hear ye, hear ye,” and “I’m Henry the Eighth, I am.”
I believed in ghosts and fairies as a child and I still do. I talked to the man of the moon as surely as I talked to Mother Nature about her hormonal issues with the weather. I’d read A Wrinkle in Time dozens of times and others like Half Magic, books with storylines of glitter dust and possibilities. And I’ll always wish the darling Flora, Fauna and Merriweather would come take care of me.
My favorite magic as an adult lies in the belief of palm readers and psychics. Not that I have “depended” on them for make life-changing choices, nor have I ever called the Psychic Hotline. But I’ve been blessed to work with a handful of incredible people in both southern California and Olympia whose talents have answered many a question and smoothed the future ahead of me.
As an example: I had fallen head over heels for a man who lived in northern California, cue the long-distance relationship. Every weekend one of us flew from one end of the state to the other for almost a year. That September I saw my favorite hair stylist-turned-psychic and asked if wedding bells were ahead. He said, “You’re getting a ring for Christmas,” (gasp on my part) “but it is not what you are expecting.” Cue Christmas eve and I opened a tiny jeweler’s box with a moonstone inside, a friendship ring.
So what a delight to add a palm reader to Her Ghost Wears Kilts, the first book in the Baillie Castle series, the lovely Lady Nell. She had a major role in the beginning of the story – but Lady Nell is not one to stay quiet on the sidelines. She came back again in Book 2, His Lass Wears Tartan with a heftier supporting role where we learned of her darker arts. It seemed only right to give Nell her own romantic storyline in Book 3, Their Witch Wears Plaid.
Magical realism opens a rainbow of possibilities into any story, any life. I know it make mine a brighter world. And don’t you love a happy ending?
About the Author

Kathleen Shaputis lives in the glorious Pacific Northwest with her husband, Bob, a clowder of cats and three pompously protective Pomeranians with little social aptitude: Brugh, Bouncer and Miss Jazzy. If not writing, she’s busy reading and watching romantic comedies, her ultimate paradise.

Her latest book is Their Witch Wears Plaid.



About the Book:

Author: Kathleen Shaputis
Publisher: Clutter Fairy Publishing
Pages: 316
Genre: Magical Realism / Paranormal Romance / Romantic Comedy

A giant-sized Druid, annoying trances and frightening nightmares mess up Nell's festive end of summer plans. Living in Scotland, a palm reader for Baillie Castle, Nell loses her heart to a professional jouster. But is her shining knight in cahoots with the sinister Druid?
Will the recipe of a magic coin, diva queens and witches be enough to save Nell from death? Or will evil triumph over love?


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