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Cathartic Writing

Most authors will tell you that there are little pieces of themselves intertwined within the fabric of their writing and the plight of their characters. For many of us, it can even be healing as we explore thoughts, feelings, and fears through the experiences of our protagonists. I embrace this concept fully and utilize my writing not just as a means for tapping into the creative side of myself, but for that healing aspect as well.

Breathe In has been my most cathartic writing to date. It’s dark. It’s violent. It’s gritty. But it’s also witnessed the birth of a truly kick-ass female heroine.

I wrote it in the midst of my own brutal discovery-of-self journey. After 16 years of being in an abusive marriage, I grabbed my kids and my dog and finally walked out. In the middle of learning to be a single mother and throwing myself back into the workforce as a registered nurse, I met someone who I truly believed was my soulmate. It was a breath of fresh air and for two years we were together, but eventually that fell apart for many complicated reasons and I experienced a different, even more emotional heartache.
Through that three year period, I struggled with so much PTSD from the abusive marriage, including watching the impact it left on my children. I struggled with the weight of being a single mother, financial strain, sick children, and then another failed relationship, all the while, still discovering my own inner strength and power. It was all so much, so pervasive, the only way I could really process it was to channel it into my writing. This is where Tessa Benson was born.

I could see her so perfectly. In the beginning, she is meek and mild, even a little pathetic, unable to find her inner voice. Then the unspeakable happens as she finds herself kidnapped and the victim of what is intended to be a snuff film. As she realizes this may be her final moments, she finds a strength and a will to survive that prove to be the only string of hope to whether she will live or die in that cabin in the woods.

About the Author

Michelle Bellon lives in the Pacific Northwest with her four quirky and beautiful children. She loves coffee, Superman, rollercoasters, and has an addiction to chapstick. 
She works as a registered nurse and in her spare time writes novels. As a multi-genre author, she has written in the categories of romance suspense, young adult, women’s fiction, and literary fiction. She has won four literary awards.



About the Book:

Author: Michelle Bellon
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Pages: 272
Genre: Thriller/Suspense

Breathe in. Breathe out. This mantra gets Tessa Benson through the day. The man she loves walks all over her, and she just wants to get by without her heart shattering to pieces. If she could find her voice, she’d scream. Everything changes in one night, when she’s snatched from the streets and tied to a bed, a camera set up to capture her dying moment. And the person who paid to watch her still out there somewhere. Tessa prowls dark neighborhoods in a quest for justice, but she doesn’t find the killer. Not until they strike again…in the place Tessa is least expecting, and where it hurts worst.


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