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10 things You Might Not Know About Our Secret Powers by Terje Gerotti Simonsen

Terje Gerotti Simonsen
Terje G. Simonsen is an author with a Ph.D. in the History of Ideas. He has increasingly focused his attention on the esoteric and occult traditions and on paranormal phenomena, as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, telekinesis, healing etc. Recently he published the highly acclaimed Our Secret Powers, based on his extraordinary knowledge within this field. Elegantly and with great personal wit and insight, he discusses parapsychological phenomena such as telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition. Several of the world’s most renowned experts on the paranormal has praised Simonsen’s work: The bestselling parapsychologist, Dean Radin, PhD, chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, says: ‘As an encyclopedic introduction to the psychic side of the fascinating but puzzling domain known as the paranormal, there is no better choice than Our Secret Powers.” And Stanley Krippner, PhD, expert on hypnosis, shamanism and altered states of consciousness, former leader of two departments in the American Psychological Association, says: “This is an outstanding book and it deserves all the attention it can get. Not only is Our Secret Powers a book for all seasons, it is a book for all reasons!’”

10 things You Might Not Know About Our Secret Powers

1)  That Our Secret Powers not only describes the abilities of others but may also (cannot be guaranteed, though!) help you getting in touch with your own psychic powers?

2) That the book could give you new and liberating perspectives by giving you a series of gentle nudges and hints on who you, and we all, really are?

3) That it will tell you how Cleopatra’s sunken palace was discovered (spoiler alert: with the help of clairvoyance!)

4) That it will give you the essential facts about the American military’s program for developing psychic spies? (and that this is by no means yesterday’s fake news or conspiracy-theories!)

5) That the book is written for all you beautiful folks with an inquiring mind, irrespective of religious and philosophical orientation, bridging the divide between believers and skeptics. (The Norwegian editor advising the author on his way is herself a ‘moderate skeptic.’)

6) That it is one of the most versatile introductions to paranormal phenomena ever written, applying perspectives from history, archaeology, anthropology, psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, pop-culture. Still it is an easy-going good-read! (a combination which is close to paranormal…)

7) That it is the first Norwegian book ever on the subject to be published internationally

8) That it was released in English by Pari Publishing, a small indie-house co-founded by quantum-physicist F. David Peat, the closest colleague of the great David Bohm, a colleague of Albert Einstein. Peat also worked together with Roger Penrose, a colleague of Stephen Hawking. (The author is both humble and proud to have been allowed faintly to touch the garment of so much genius…)

9) That it is endorsed by 6 of the world’s greatest experts on the paranormal: Stanley Krippner, Dean Radin, Stephan A. Schwartz, Etzel CardeƱa, Adrian Parker and Jeffrey Kripal.

10) That the notorious bestselling parapsychologist, Dean Radin, explicitly has said that as an intro to psychic abilities ‘there is no better choice than Our Secret Powers.’

About the Book:

Author: Terje Gerotti Simonsen
Publisher: Pari Publishing
Pages: 528
Genre: Nonfiction/Spiritual/Consciousness/Paranormal

Is the paranormal normal?
Many readers will be surprised when learning that reputable scientists, among them several Nobel laureates, have claimed that telepathy is a reality. Their curiosity will increase when reading that both Cleopatra’s lost palace and Richard III’s burial place were recovered by means of clairvoyance. And some will think it to be sheer science fiction when finding out about Stargate––the espionage program where the American military and CIA for 20 years engaged in the development of psychic spies!
Simonsen, a Norwegian historian of ideas, introduces an array of entertaining paranormal tales from history, archaeology, anthropology and psychology, and presents scientific research that has provided fascinating results. He argues that the stories we hear about telepathy, clairvoyance and precognition ought not to be dismissed as superstition
In step with spiritual and occult traditions, the author suggests that consciousness is not limited to our own head. Rather he thinks that all humans (and perhaps all living beings) are linked together in a “Mental Internet.’ Via this network we may exchange ‘telepathic emails’ with friends and family and make clairvoyant ‘downloads’ of information.  Thus perhaps what we usually call ‘supernatural’ is completely natural but little understood communications via this Mental Internet?

Our Secret Powers gives us a thoughtful and engaging presentation of a controversial subject and would make an excellent travel companion.

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