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The 99c Book Craze by Hope Waters @hopewatersbooks #writing #books

 The 99c Book Craze

By Hope Waters

The 99c book craze. I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t love a good deal. Here in the US, (possibly Canada too?) we have Black Friday and Cyber Monday and it’s one of my favorite times of the year, because it’s shopping time and the deals you can score are amazing. Of course, there are some not-so-great deals but I tend to focus on the positive.

My husband bought three gaming systems one year, way back when. He’s from overseas and there’s nothing like this where he comes from. Between being hung over from Thanksgiving (he stuck his head in a glass turkey and we got a picture of that and used it in our fiancé visa process) and the 4am wake-up call to head to the mall, he got the real experience, including fighting off an elderly lady who tried to steal the gaming console he had raced through the store to grab. I still chuckle about that.

These days, we shop online and spend more time with the family. I always cook dinner the night before Thanksgiving, always something from scratch and usually Asian fusion. Last year was from scratch teriyaki chicken. This year it’s Korean BBQ and I don’t like to toot my own horn but the test run on the meal went swimmingly. After we clean up from Thanksgiving, it’s time to sleep because at midnight, the sales start and I have my list and I’m checking it twice and gonna find something for me.

Like 99c books! I drive my husband crazy with all the book purchases over that weekend, because then they clog up my store feed with recommendations that are not on my Christmas shopping list. Of course, there is also after Christmas, so my reading purchases take me long into the next year.

Now, all I have to do is organize all these books. That will always be a work in progress. Thanks so much to Blogging Authors for having me by!

About the Author

Hope Waters has been writing romance for over thirty years, traveling the globe but finally finding true love and now lives in Florida with her family.


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About the Book:

Zoey Blake is having a perfect holiday season. Finals are over and it's time to head home for Christmas, but when she wins the Hartbreakers True Love contest to join them on their tour, she has a chance to follow her favorite band for twelve days -- and twelve steamy nights.

Mackenzie has been a player since and joining Hartbreakers has only edged up his game, that is until he meets Zoey. She's turned his world upside down and only she can make it right. Now all he has to do is convince her to stay with him forever. For a guy like Mack, that shouldn't be too hard but it's gonna take all he has and twelve days to win her true love.



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