Monday, May 13, 2019

# 20 Questions

20 Questions with Steve Starger, Author of 'Misfits and Supermen' #20Questions

 Today's guest is Steve Starger, author of the memoir, Misfits and Supermen. Steve is here today to answer 20 questions about his life, writing and goals.

Steve Starger is a journalist, author, and musician. His 2006 book, “Wally’s World: The Brilliant Life and Tragic Death of Wally Wood, the World’s Second-Best Comic-Book Artist,” was short-listed for the Will Eisner Industry Award for Best Comics Related Book of 2006.

1.      Are you a morning writer or a night writer?
Morning, mostly.
2.      Do you outline or are you a pantster?
I guess a “panster,” mainly.
3.      Which comes first – plot or character?
It depends on what I’m writing. I’ve gone both ways.
4.      Noise or quiet when working on your manuscript?
Relative quiet, please.
5.      Favorite TV show?
The Twilight Zone.
6.      Favorite type of music?
Being a musician, I have many and have played in many genres, but, probably, jazz.
7.      Favorite craft besides writing?
8.      Do you play a musical instrument?
9.      Single or married?
10.  Children or no?
Two smart, beautiful step-daughters.
11.  Pets?
12.  Favorite place to write?
My home office.
13.  Favorite restaurant?
Too many to name.
14.  Do you work outside the home?
15.  What was the name of the last movie you saw?
Bohemian Rhapsody.
16.  Favorite outdoor activity?
17.  Pet peeve?
Self-righteous people.
18.  Your goal in life?
I’ve achieved most of my goals. I guess to live as long as I can in clarity at this point.
19.  Your most exciting moment?
Too many to list.
20.  The love of your life?
My lovely wife, Polly Barey.


About the Book:

Author: Steve Starger
Publisher: Friesen Press
Pages: 178
Genre: Memoir

The bond of brotherhood is hard to break, but a lifetime of dealing with familial expectation, bitterness, and psychological disorders can bend and warp it into something nearly unrecognizable. This story tells the tale of two brothers: Melvyn, the elder, whose amalgamation of disorders leave him completely unable to function within society; and Stephen, the younger, whose own emotional and psychological issues are overshadowed to the point where he becomes little more than a pale and twisted reflection of his brother.

On different ends of the same spectrum, Melvyn is blissfully unaware of their troubling connection (or so his brother can only assume), but for Stephen, it is undeniable. He lives with it every day, sensing his own otherness in every twitch, outburst, and inability of his brother to overcome his inner demons. Left largely on his own to deal with his peculiarities-while carrying the burden of being "the normal one," of whom much is expected- Stephen begins a complicated and unpredictable journey, one which will take him as far from his brother as he can manage to get, even as it brings them inexorably closer.

A portion of proceeds from this book will go toward the Camp Cuheca Scholarship - Melvyn D. Starger fund at Waterford Country School, Quaker Hill, CT., to help fund a two-week summer residency at the camp. For more information about Waterford Country School, please email

“A finely crafted, affecting memoir of two brothers.”
-- Kirkus Reviews
If you want an honest book about life with mental illness in the family, this is it. Great writing. Brutally honest. Hard to put it down. Great stories about CT, NY and CA from the 1940s to 2000.”

--Amazon Reviewer




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