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That'll Do Pippin by Anne Kaufmann #guest #children

That'll Do Pippin

Two puppies share lessons on lasting friendship, grand adventures, fascinating exploration and living in the extraordinary moment

Pippin, an adorable Border Collie puppy always knew that his brother, Nigel was stronger, braver and smarter than he was. He fervently wished with all his eager, dear heart that he could be exactly like Nigel. Why was he so small and weak that he couldn't jump as high, run as fast or fearlessly explore the unknown like his big brother?

One sunny day Pippin noticed the big dogs herding sheep. From that memorable day on, Pippin hoped with all his being that he would be a great sheep dog. Pippin knew absolutely that sheep herding was his purpose. But could he do it? He was such a small puppy.

Both puppies had one plucky longing - adventures. However, Pippin was naturally cautious and timid .One of Nigel's favourite endeavours was digging holes, deep holes! Pippin loved to help. Suddenly, there was a massive hole under the fence and a rare opportunity presented itself. Nigel darted under the barrier at lightning speed. Pippin panicked as he saw his best buddy abandoning him. Nigel looked back once and barked. Pippin had to seize the chance. He hesitated for a moment. Then he raced after Nigel.
Would it be an adventure worth the risk and would Pippin find his strength and courage?
Will the pups make it safely home? Will their brotherly bond and devoted friendship overcome the danger that lives just beyond the last fence?

I grew up with many dogs, and a sweet, clever budgie bird named Peter. I would pick up dogs that I found wandering the streets and bring them home, hoping that one more dog could join my family. My grandmother was often telling me that the stray dog belonged to one of the neighbours.

"Dog" people are not just fond of their dogs; they are obsessed with them. They understand dogs, respect them and recognize their nature. The bond between dogs and their persons is unbreakable. I often think dogs understand us better than we understand ourselves. They instantly know when we are sad, happy, scared or upset. They are comforters and friends. They live in the moment and love to explore, especially if their person is with them.

Pippin is one of my three dogs. He is the most remarkable boy - his personality in the book IS my Pippin. He is obsessed with sports games. He is clever and loyal. He loves to run in the woods with his dog family, Indy and Maya. Since my dogs and I are always hiking through the forest, I constantly watch them interact with nature. They relish jumping logs, racing down the dirt paths, exploring around trees and watching for any creature along the way.

Oh, and Pippin loves being around sheep.

Nigel truly is Pippin's brother. He happily lives in the United States and excels at Agility. Nigel is smart, brave and strong.

The brothers went to their own homes at seven weeks old. It is possible that one day they will meet again and experience an adventure.

Having lived with many Border Collies, I knew they were the perfect breed for my book. Each one has always been extremely smart, energetic, focused, resourceful and possessed with an uncanny ability to reason.

My favourite childhood stories always had animals and particularly dogs. Children and dogs create a magical world of play, friendship and exciting adventures. I believe that dogs are the preeminent teachers.  

Writing about Pippin and Nigel's world of goofy antics and mishaps just fell into place.

One of the most absorbing parts of creating this book was drawing the illustrations. Border Collies offer so many enchanting facial expressions, extreme athletics and a penchant for fun and trouble. I wanted my illustrations to be an integral part of the story and capture Pippin and Nigel's unique personalities. 

The whole process of the book was a great adventure for me. I enjoyed the journey from writing to illustrating, so of course, I had to write and illustrate a second book, Pippin and Nigel's Christmas Adventure.

About the Author

Anne Kaufmann is both the illustrator and author of the Pippin and Nigel adventure series for young children. She is the also the author of “Glenn Gould: Sketches of Solitude.” Anne is a former teacher librarian. She studied English Literature at Wilfrid Laurier University and the University of Toronto. Her passions include music, books, animals and creating nature journals. She has shared her life with dogs, horses, cats and birds.A nature lover, she spends many hours exploring the forests north of her home and walking her dogs, Indy, Maya and Pippin. She loves spending time with her horse, Aria. Some of her favourite childhood memories include summers at her cottage on Lake Simcoe, settling back on the family couch reading while listening to her dad’s weekly String Quartet group, playing with her dogs and wishing for a horse. She is currently working on the third book of the Pippin and Nigel Adventure series and  a historical fiction novel on the great Canadian horse and Kentucky Derby winner, Northern Dancer. She lives in Ontario, Canada.

About the Book:

Pippin and Nigel are two charming puppy brothers who live on a wonderful farm. They are best buddies and do everything together. They are full of mischief, energy and fun! Pippin is the smaller puppy who wants with all his heart to be like his brother Nigel. Nigel is brave. Nigel is strong. Nigel is smart. One day, the puppies escape from their yard into the woods where they experience many adventures. Nigel is always there to help and protect Pippin. Then Pippin solves a dangerous problem all by himself and learns that it is okay just to be Pippin.
This story teaches young children the importance of believing in themselves and that they each have their own wonderful gifts and abilities.


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