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Intuition For All, But Does That Include People With Learning Disabilities? By Dr. Anne Watson @post_hypnotic

Intuition For All, But Does That Include People With Learning Disabilities?

By Dr. Anne Watson
So, the question put to me is, “Does everybody receive intuitions, messages from light?
No one alive gets left out of the blanketing of beneficial intuitions sent to them all the time. 
Like radio receivers, we are tuned into the energy field, sometimes called Source, Zero Point Field, the Akashic Field, the vibrational grid. Call it what you will, it is the non-Earthly plane where memories are stored, and from which thoughts and ideas originate and come to us as holographic messages in light. This is all explained in my book, FLASH! The Science Behind Intuition. 
If we pay attention to these intuitions and do as they suggest, we get in harmony with the harmony vibrations these messages send to us, and our lives become easier, “like butter.” But, if we fight them, overrule them, forget about them, or even scorn them, things don’t go smoothly and we end up saying “Darn, I wish I had listened to my instinct” or  “Why is everything going wrong for me?”
When I started to write FLASH! The Science Behind Intuition, I was puzzling about brain behavior in the children I taught who were Learning Disabled. A directed vision came along and in a flash I understood how LD kids could so frequently know the answer to a question or a problem and prepare to get it right, but due to neuronal derailing, get it wrong. The big puzzle of how their brains knew the questions in advance was suddenly solved. Intuitions, aided by a brain process called preafference, prime the brain for what is to come, before it arrives.
The problem with my LD kids (ADHD and Language Learning Disabilities) was not that they didn’t receive the incoming messages, but that the neural pathways being prepared to execute the commands too frequently glitched for them. The neuronal impulse derailed, or shunted off to an irrelevant or dead end spur. Misbehaved. Betrayed.
There are all sorts of things that can go wrong from inception to effection, from thought to action. Think about how these brain states will impact the carrying out of intuitions: anxious brain, busy brain, damaged brain, daydreaming brain, depressed brain, drugged-out brain, fearful brain, “i-mind” brain, lovestruck brain, stressed out brain, pressured brain, tuned out brain, and in the case of LD wrongly wired brain or physically damaged brain, and in severe cases of anencephaly, missing brain. 
Some of these mind states can be temporary, while others are permanent or permanent until (miraculously) cured. Many of these mind states cause, or are caused by neuronal trains that loop or derail, instead of moving forward: they stall, stay in one place, or bounce around from one rumination to another, messing with the focused, alert, and calm state required to be open to intuition.
Therefore, while everybody receives intuitions, not all people can always effectively get in harmony with their messages. This is, unfortunately, true for people with LD.
What to do?
Train the Learning Disabled or otherwise glitching brain to come into a controlled, alert, focused mind state, through meditation and/or EEG neurofeedback training. Train long and hard. Train as if the harmony of the planets rests upon successful individual mind state control, for it does.

Anne Watson is a Canadian author and educator and co-author of So You Have to Go to Court! A Child’s Guide to Testifying as a Witness in Child Abuse Cases with Wendy Harvey. She was raised in England, trained as a teacher, and after starting teaching in Canada at Thistletown Regional Centre School for Emotionally Disturbed Children, she then taught in the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas, and in Palm Beach County USA. Just before beginning doctoral studies in Special Education Psychology at U. of T., she travelled right around the world. Once a doctor, she became a Prof at UBC and later at Trent U., then switched to doing psychoeducational assessments (CSI of the brain!). After 30 years of midnight oil reports and early morning parent meetings she retired to concentrate on writing and art. Her calling is to help people contact their Inner Voice – the Universe – by fast tracking open brain states using EEG devices, some of which can be glimpsed in a couple of scenes in her just finished movie, “A Thousand Reasons.” She has two successful adult kids and one almost grown up granddaughter.


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If we have intuitions (and we do) where do they come from? Where, in us, do they arrive? What, in us, allows us to receive and interpret them? And why? Why do we get them?
Fourteen years of research, often waiting for the science to catch up with a vision sent to me by the Universe, these questions are answered in lay terms for the wonderment and affirmation of those interested in energy from another plane.

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