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Back Story: HOME by Alison Neuman @alison_nueuman #children #backstory

Back Story: HOME 

By Alison Neuman

Home is the third book in the Friends and Family series that follows the adventures of a cat named Fluffy and a mouse named Levi. This series is dedicated to my mom, has a character experiencing a disability, and focuses on diversity, acceptance, friendship, and kindness.  

I have had a rare disease since the age of 3 ½ years old, have a physical disability and use a wheelchair to get around. My goal is to share the story of diversity and ensure characters are an accurate representation.

My mom, my best friend, was with me through all my hospitalizations and doctors' appointments. When there was no space in public school for a girl with arthritis, she fought to have me included. I was a small child in-between hospitalizations and home, and Mom continued our routine of reading before bed, no matter my location.

As macular degeneration stole mom's vision, I read out loud to her. In her last few years, my mom had dementia and a renewed passion for children’s books. I created what has grown to be a series of three books - Don't Eat Family, Help From Friends, and Home for her. Despite dementia stealing my mom’s words, her smiling, and her reaching out to hold her copy of Don’t Eat Family communicated her joy and pride.

While grieving the loss of my mom, writing Home was a reminder she will always be in my memories and my heart.

Home is being launched before Mother’s Day and I hope the book and the series will inspire families to read together.

It was during a literary event when I met Linda from Dream Write Publications Ltd. Linda, gave me an opportunity to teach a workshop and a space for me to sell my book. After some discussions at the event, I was given a Dream Write business card. When I was thinking about creating the book, I contacted Linda and soon had a publishing deal. Linda and the Dream Write team have encouraged each book and both myself and the illustrator along our publishing journey. They have made sure the copies of books are available at events and the retail market, provided mentorship in writing and creating a children’s series, and helped me to grow my craft.

About the Author

Alison Neuman is a writer, author, choreographer, and dance artist, who is passionate about sharing underrepresented voices. She holds a Bachelor’s of Applied Communications Degree, a diploma in Professional Writing, and a Master of Arts degree with a focus on Educational Studies.



About the Book 

Fluffy, the cat, knew the minute she met Levi that he would become fast friends with the friendly mouse using a special wheelchair. In the third installment of their adventures, join Fluffy, Levi, and his family on their final leg of adventure to find their forever homes together.


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