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Back Story: The Mis-Education of the Church Girl by Mavis McKnight #guest

By Mavis McKnight
I am so sick and tired of women losing in their sex lives! Especially Christian Wives…What a travesty!
What makes this so awful and unfair is that men are taught to “sow their wild oats” and women are taught that girls get pregnant and boys don’t, to keep their dress down and their panties up, and not to talk about sex, let alone do it. Then once married, they end up confused, frustrated, and totally unsatisfied in their sexual relationship.
That’s not all. Throughout history, women’s voices haven’t been the most welcomed in our society. As a result, the ability to speak up for what they want, has gotten suppressed, subdued, and silenced. Yes, women are much more empowered today but the affects still linger, especially in the sexual area of their lives.
My belief is there have been years of silent cries from women to God, asking Him to level the playing field. In response to these cries, God is calling believers to the area of Sexual Wellness for the Church, and I am one of them. How do I know this? Read on.
Being that my husband is a Pastor at Life Enrichment Worldwide Ministries in Los Angeles, I have been given the responsibility of the Women’s Department. Since this was new to me, I had no idea what to do, so I had no choice but to surrender it to God. And what did He do? What He always does when you surrender fully!
One day in March of 2010, as I drove in L.A. down Crenshaw Blvd, the spirit of God began to speak to my spirit. He said, ”Turn right here,” I turned right. He said, “Turn left here,” I turned left. He said, “Pull over right here,” I pulled over. I looked up and found myself sitting in front of the Word of Life Book Store! My first thought was, “What in the world am I doing here?” But, being obedient, I got out of the car and went inside.
What I was drawn to was a book sitting on a shelf all by its lonesome titled, Intimate Issues: 21 Questions Christian Women Ask About Sex. Imagine my surprise! I browsed through the book and knew immediately that this was the reason God had led me there. A few days later after reading most of the book, He spoke to my spirit again and said, “This is what I want you to do; to teach Married Christian Women to enjoy sex with their husbands. It’s what I created you to do.”
Never in a million years would I have thought of anything remotely close to that! All the events that led to this life-altering revelation assured me it was God’s desire and will. After all, He invented sex! Talk about full on inspiration!
Once I began researching and studying, I found the Grand Canyon sized gap between a man’s sexual satisfaction, and a woman’s lack of it. That was proof to me that women needed to unlearn what they were taught and relearn new ways of expressing their sexuality.
That’s when it became my passion and obligation to focus on female pleasure, and my goal to teach women to add flavor and spice to their sex life, to blend sex positive messages with actions, and to create tantalizing sexual experiences that burst with sweetness!
I self-published the original journal, but needed to add more pop and appeal to the inside. Soon after, someone invited me to a group where one of the moderators posted a beautiful flyer and a journal she had designed. I reached out to her and we connected. I hired her company, IBG Publishing, and she not only helped to expand my brand but to also increase my social media presence. I celebrated with a Virtual Launch party, July 3, 2020!
I don’t believe anything is coincidence when God is in it, and He surely has been and will continue to be my genius leader and guide throughout this journey.

About the Author
Mavis McKnight is a candid, caring, and passionate Certified Sex Coach and Marriage Advocate. She is on a mission to educate, empower, and inspire Christian wives to enrich their sexual relationship. She encourages women to embrace their sexuality, learn to be creative, and bring more fun and excitement to their intimate lives. Her goal is to teach women to add flavor and spice to their sex life, blend sex positive messages with actions, and create tantalizing sexual experiences that burst with sweetness.
Some of the areas she coaches are:
  • Little or no interest in sex
  • Problems getting or holding an erection
  • Problems ejaculating too soon
  • Never experienced an orgasm
  • Can’t orgasm with a partner
  • Body Image Issues
  • Sexual inhibitions
  • Uneven desire
  • Little or no sex skills
  • Desire for enhanced pleasure
Additionally, she explores the areas of:
  • More fun and fulfilling sex
  • Planning romantic and erotic dates
  • Taking the stress, distress, and worry out of sex
  • Kicking sexual frustration to the curb
  • Speaking up boldly for your sexual needs
  • Deep soulful connections
  • Intimacy inside and outside of the bedroom
She has conducted numerous workshops, seminars, marriage classes, and bible studies for over eleven years; provided counseling and coaching in marriage and relationships for over 10 years; Earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology; a Master’s Degree in Human Services; She is a Certified Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist, a Certified Life Coach, Published author, and Co-Founder and CEO of Intimate Connections.

When Mavis is not bubbling over with passion to teach about sex, she enjoys dancing, traveling, reading, laughing, music, spending time with her handsome, adorable, loving husband and family, and having her grandkids over for a sleep-over…sometimes. 😊


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About the Book:

The Mis-Education of the church Girl is a Personal Journal of Self-Discovery that sheds light on damaging messages about sex, sexuality, and self-love.
This journal will help you:
  • Unpack negative beliefs about sex,
  • Uncover obstacles to sexual joy
  • Unleash your potential for sizzling and fulfilling sexual intimacy
It is loaded with journal activities, action steps, heart-opening exercises, amazing health benefits, and a few surprises to help move you toward a transformed mind and a new relationship with your sexual self.

Discover and embrace your right to pleasure!


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