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Back Story: The Sex Dare by Tenisha Collins #guest

Back Story: THE SEX DARE
By Tenisha Collins

I am a Christian wife and I thoroughly enjoy the married life. I have a passion for godly, strong marriages and a desire for everyone to experience the wedded bliss that I do. I am aware that God created sex as a gift for a husband and his wife and thus enjoy sexual intimacy frequently. Both my husband and I are intentional about making sure our sexual performance pleases the other and practice displaying our love for one another BEFORE we ever make it to the bedroom.

It was only when casually talking to women that I noticed that there are a disproportionate amount of wives not having sex, feel as if having sex is a chore or deem sex as an unenjoyable experience. It became clear that most couples thought that sex before marriage was “the best ever” and believed that having “the best sex ever” was now a thing of the past.

Sex is used to sell candy, cars and alcohol and it’s sacredness has been marred. In today’s society, sex isn’t a holy engagement which unites a husband and his wife, instead, its portrayed in movies and television sitcoms as a base, animalistic behavior, or feeling, that is tossed around like an unimportant garment. In my book, I aim to  educate the reader on the original, holy intentions of sex, empowering married couples to turn the clock back to their honeymoon.

It’s my goal to debunk the thought that singles are having the best sex of their lives and to eliminate the defective propaganda that leads to sexual issues with intimacy. In the midst of scriptures, meditation activities and seductive homework assignments, I teach the reader to change their MIND about sex.

When I coach women, I show them how effective communication can be sexy, how finances can affect their sex drive, and how a repeated “no” hurts their husband. I teach wives how to fix their bedroom hang ups by simply understanding the original intent of sex and the God who created it. Coupling the Word of God with practical ways to execute it, along with some fun suggestions, draw couples closer and increase intimacy which results in the most  intoxicating sex. It is my goal that married couples will be engaging in the bed-breaking sex in just 21 days with the help of my book, The Sex Dare.

About the Author

Tenisha N. Collins is an author, accountant, editor & proofreader, speaker, entrepreneur and marriage coach. She recently published two devotionals, focusing on parenting & marriage, which can be found on Amazon, Apple Books, Kindle, Thriftbooks, Walmart, Kobo and other online platforms.
A graduate of the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business, she holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting.

When Tenisha’s not preparing corporate and individual income taxes at the firm where she works part-time, she is balancing her mom life with her wife and entrepreneur life.

Founder of Strong Marriage, a Facebook Christian support group designed to give its members the tools necessary to obtain & maintain a strong marriage, Tenisha is passionate about families functioning as God purposed. Tenisha lives in Thousand Oaks, California (USA) with her husband of 27 years, their four children and grandson.

Visit her website, TenishaCollins.Com, to learn more or to join her community.


Website: http://www.TenishaCollins.Com
Facebook: http://www.Facebook.Com/AuthorTenishaCollins

About the Book:
Sex is great and feels real, real good! Societal trends advocate doing whatever feels good, including having sexual intercourse with someone you are not married to. The limelight shining on sex isn’t a good one. It’s almost impossible to find positive models of sex while married, in any medium, today. Television sitcoms, movies, magazines, romance novels, gossip radio, and talk shows all highlight marriages consumed with infidelity, trust issues, dehumanizing sex or a lack of sexual intimacy. Most mediums imply that singles are the ones having the best sex of their lives and, if they do marry, great sex ends after the honeymoon. But the truth is, God has reserved great sex for a husband and his own wife — period! This guide removes all the defective propaganda surrounding sex so that a husband and wife BOTH enjoy sex without any issues. In just 21 days, married couples could be having the best, bed-breaking, intoxicatingly addictive sex with one another. Go ahead and read it…I dare you!


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