Tuesday, November 10, 2020

# 20 Questions

20 Questions with Lance Charnes Author of ZRADA #Zrada #20Questions

Today's guest is Lance Charnes, author of the action adventure novel, ZRADA. Lance is here today to answer 20 questions about his life, writing and goals.


1. Are you a morning writer or a night writer?

Morning through afternoon. After about eight p.m., I start writing gibberish.

2. Do you outline or are you a pantster?


3. Which comes first – plot or character?

Usually, plot. With my DeWitt Agency Files series, the two happen together.

4. Noise or quiet when working on your manuscript?


5. Favorite TV show?

Recently: Counterpart; Bosch; The Expanse; Babylon Berlin.

6. Favorite type of music?

            Classic rock and jazz.

7. Favorite craft besides writing?


8. Do you play a musical instrument?

No. I can’t read music.

9. Single or married?


10. Children or no?

Thankfully, none.

11. Pets?

Clancy, a fourteen-pound tux cat who thinks he’s still an Egyptian deity.

12. Favorite place to write?

At the desk in my home office.

13. Favorite restaurant?

Currently, a barbeque joint in Anaheim called “Blake’s Place.”

14. Do you work outside the home?

Yes, as the Emergency Services Coordinator for a medium-sized city in Orange County, California.

15. What was the name of the last movie you saw?

In a theatre: Tenet. On TV: Enola Holmes.

16. Favorite outdoor activity?

Scuba diving.

17. Pet peeve?

There are several. In this context: people who finish their NaNoWriMo book on November 30 and publish it on December 2. Runner-up: people who write and publish twelve books a year.

18. Your goal in life?

Getting a series adaptation of one of my books on Netflix or Hulu.

19. Your most exciting moment?

Win: my first dive on the Great Barrier Reef. Place: rappelling out of a helicopter. Show: the first sale of my first published novel.

20. The love of your life?

My wife, Betty.

Lance Charnes has been an Air Force intelligence officer, information technology manager, computer-game artist, set designer, and Jeopardy! contestant, and is now an emergency management specialist. He’s had training in architectural rendering, terrorist incident response, and maritime archaeology, though not all at the same time. His Facebook author page features spies, archaeology, and art crime.

Lance is the author of the DeWitt Agency Files series of international art-crime novels (The CollectionStealing Ghosts, and Chasing Clay), the international thriller Doha 12, and the near-future thriller South. All are available in trade paperback and digital editions.



Two priceless paintings. Two million euros. A civil war. What could go wrong?

The DeWitt Agency assigned disgraced ex-cop Carson a simple job: carry two briefcases of cash to swap for two artworks stolen from a German museum. Except nothing’s simple in the Donbass, the breakaway Ukrainian region overrun by militias, warlords, and bandits.

After a brutal zrada – betrayal – Carson finds herself alone and hunted forty miles behind the front lines with half the money, one of the paintings, and a huge target hung on her back. The militia behind the exchange thinks she blew up their deal and wants the money and her hide. Her co-workers were in on the double-cross. And the Agency can’t send help into the hottest war in Europe.

Carson’s never been one to wait to be rescued. She hires Galina – a tough local with a harrowing past and a taste for revenge – to help her cut through every checkpoint, freelance army, crooked cop, and firefight between her and the West. But the road to safety is long and poorly paved. A vengeful militia commander, a Russian special-forces operator with an agenda, and her own ex-colleagues have Carson in their crosshairs.

Carson’s life is now worth less than a suitcase of money or paint on a plank…but if they want to take it from her, she’s going to make them pay.


Amazon → https://amzn.to/3iOUP2o

Kobo  → http://store.kobobooks.com/Search?Query=9781733398923

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