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📚 Back Story: GUINEVERE TRILOGY by Cheryl Carpinello #BackStories @ccarpinello


By Cheryl Carpinello

My Writing Start

My writing career started in 1980 with an entry level position with Cardiff Publishing, which published trade journals. I worked my way up to Managing Editor of Satellite Communications magazine. After five years of writing feature articles, editing, and doing some

freelance work, I followed my first love and finished my teaching degree. For the next 26 years, I taught high school English including writing/reading and yearbook. During this time, I honed my writing and editing skills as well as guiding young writers.

Over the years, I wrote a couple novels which will never see the light of day. The main reason: I wasn’t excited about the genres. After working with readers, reluctant readers, and non-readers at the high school level, I decided I wanted to write stories for elementary/middle school students in hopes of catching the reluctant readers and non-readers early in their schooling.

It wasn’t until I was close to retirement that I discovered my writing niche. Teaching allowed me to explore deeper the writings and authors from times long past. This was where I fell in love with the Ancient and Medieval worlds and discovered the mystic pull these same worlds, particularly Arthurian Legend, had on my students and many adults.

And so, I set my books—the Guinevere Trilogy and The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table)—in the days of King Arthur. Aimed at upper elementary and middle school—ages 8/9-12—these tales allow readers to experience that time period through the eyes of peer characters. Today, I pair these books with Medieval Writing Workshops in the schools. It’s so rewarding when teachers point out students—who typically did as little as possible in class—involved in developing their own stories and writing their own poetry. This is what the Arthurian Legend does for people.

I’ve since branched out into Ancient Egypt with the publication of Tutankhamen Speaks and Sons of the Sphinx. While still focusing on reluctant and non-readers, these books are aimed for ages 14 & up. Currently in the works, my 5-book series The Feathers of the Phoenix set in the ancient worlds of Atlantis, Pompeii, Iceland, Celtic Britain, and, once more, Egypt, will bring more ancient tales to my readers.

My Publishing Journey

I’ve done both small press and Indie publishing and been successful with both, but I now am a proud Indie author.

When my first story Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend was ready to go, I sent out the usual letters to agents and publishers. While waiting for replies, I attended an SCBWI conference in the fall of 2008. At a panel of agents and publishers, one of the publishers told our group that any books they acquired in 2009 would be scheduled for publishing in 2012. That’s right, 2012.  That panel session was a turning point for my writing. I didn’t want to wait three years to have a book in my hands that I could use with reluctant young readers, my target audience. So, I made the decision to self-publish.

Additionally, I developed Medieval writing workshops for students in grades 3-6 with Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend as the textbook. In 2009, I published Guinevere with Outskirts Press for a cost of $1000 and started conducting Medieval Writing Workshops in elementary schools and with the Girl Scouts in the fall of 2009. Had Guinevere been acquired by an agent/publisher, I would not have been able to do that.

Being an Indie author is not for the faint of heart. It is a lot of hard work beyond the writing, but it is also very rewarding.



Cheryl Carpinello taught high school English for 25 years. During that time, she worked with numerous students who didn’t like to read for a variety of reasons. However, she discovered that even the most reluctant readers became engaged in the classroom and in reading when she introduced units on King Arthur and the works of ancient world writers. Upon retiring, she set out to write fast-paced, action-filled stories in these setting to encourage young readers to read more. When not writing, you can find her reading, spending time with family, and traveling.

Cheryl’s books:

Guinevere: On the Eve of Legend (1)

Guinevere: At the Dawn of Legend (2)

Guinevere: The Legend (3)

Guinevere Trilogy ebook only

The King’s Ransom (Young Knights of the Round Table)

Sons of the Sphinx

Tutankhamen Speaks

Grandma/Grandpa’s Tales 1

Grandma/Grandpa’s Tales 2






Author: Cheryl Carpinello
Publisher: Silver Quill Publishing
Pages: 371
Genre: Middle Grade / Teen / Young YA



Princess Guinevere dreaded her upcoming thirteenth birthday. It signaled the beginning of her official role as the Lady of her father’s castle.
No more adventures in the forest with Cedwyn. No more explorations outside the castle walls. No more excitement. No more danger. No more fun.
Cedwyn—her companion for as long as she remembered—viewed her circumstances differently.
A Medieval coming-of-age story relevant today.


Ancient Stones. Mystical Stones. Autumnal Equinox.
Down upon a wide plain the yellow orb shines strong.
Racing side by side, the two laughingly ride.
A mist descends. The laughing stops.
A dangerous Medieval tale of two friends. Of a loyalty not often seen.


Fiercely loyal, Cedwyn always rushes to Guinevere’s defense. Stubborn to a fault. Always there for her. A future Knight? His one and only hope. A hero? Not what Cedwyn strove for, but it sought him.

Guinevere rarely thinks with her head. Just the opposite. Thinking with one’s heart: a recipe for trouble. And trouble finds Guinevere, all too often. Stubborn, she refuses to abandon those depending upon her. Even when ordered by her father, the king.

And so these two—both on the edge of Legend—barrel forth in this deadly dangerous and riveting Arthurian adventure.


Reader’s Favorite 5-Star: A Gripping Tale.

Guinevere: The Legend is the concluding entry in the Guinevere trilogy by Cheryl Carpinello, a compelling Arthurian tale with strong characters and a story that explores the themes of friendship and loyalty against the backdrop of a society rocked by a crisis. The little children have been kidnapped, and Cedwyn is with them. Guinevere has made a vow to rescue Cedwyn and she leaves home without telling her father, an act that fills her with guilt. But she doesn’t know her bravery might put Cedwyn in harm’s way. She is just fifteen. And eleven-year-old Cedwyn trusts her absolutely, considering her as his queen. He is certain that she’s coming for him and the children. Can she save them from the renegades who hold the children captive? Traveling across the dark waters to the land beyond, Gaul, is perilous. In spite of the grim tales she’s heard from the old wizard Merlyn, will she continue?

This is a beautifully written story with fascinating characters, set in medieval England, and featuring characters of legend like the legendary King Arthur and Merlyn. In this novel, the author deftly develops a tale of adventure that revolves around Guinevere as a young girl and her loyalty to those she loves. The reader encounters her at the very start of the story, poised and on the go, determined to save her friend. Cedwyn is a richly developed young character as well and I enjoyed the way the author develops his friendship and devotion to the protagonist. The writing is filled with strong imagery, including elements of the setting like the rugged landscapes. The author’s unique ability to unveil the strong emotions of the characters and to keep the story realistic is a great addition to the strengths of the novel. The medieval era is reflected in the unique style of conversation and in the beliefs of the characters. Guinevere: The Legend is a gripping tale that keeps the reader turning the pages until the very last one…Reviewed by Christian Sia for Readers’ Favorite



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