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📚 10 Things You Might Not Know About Kevin D. Miller @bifrost_books #10things

Kevin D. Miller is an attorney in Southern California who spends his two hour commute listening to Science Fiction and Fantasy books on Audible or dreaming up plots for future book ideas. When he isn’t working, Kevin can be found spending time with his girlfriend Amy, and their two dogs Pepper and Riley or hiking and kayaking in Big Bear.




10 Things You Might Not Know About Kevin D. Miller

By Kevin D. Miller

1. I lived and worked as an Intern one summer in Tanzania, Africa for the International Criminal Tribunal of Rwanda.

2. I am left-handed. But as a young child, my teachers tried to make me right handed. It did go well and I now have pretty bad handwriting, ha ha.

3. I am an attorney.

4. I wrote the first draft of Awakening solely during my lunch breaks at work.

5. I came up with the idea for the Berserker Chronicles from watching the opening scene from the History Channel TV show Vikings.

6. I wrote the first draft for Ascension: Book Two of the Berserker Chronicles while I had Covid-19.

7.I have two dogs, Riley, who is a Border Collie German Sheppard mix and Pepper, a Pekinese's Chihuahua mix.

8. I broke my jaw in a soccer match but did not know it for four months.

9. I am dyslexic.

10. I had to hitchhike while in Africa one time. 


Author: Kevin D. Miller
Publisher: BiFrost Books
Pages: 336
Genre: High Fantasy / Epic Fantasy / Action and Adventure / Norse Fantasy / Viking Fantasy / Norse Gods and Goddesses

A megalomaniac god is pursuing a millennia-old vendetta, and Leif must learn to wrangle a newly awakened power to either become a hero or a villain. He will leave his old life and run from creatures he believed were reserved for myth and legend. He travels across the realms while struggling to tame the blinding rage that comes with his new demi-god like power. Will Leif survive the intra-realm quest and prevent Ragnarok or will he fail to control his awakening?

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