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Don't Made a Resolution, Make a Habit - It's Never Game Over / Cristina G. @authorcristinag #itsnevergameover

Don’t Make a Resolution, Make a Habit – It’s Never Game Over

By Cristina G.

I don’t know you, but I am struggling with keeping in shape.
Because I love eating and I dislike going to the gym.
Despite my fatal attraction to food and the missing gym membership card, I am in great shape.
The secret?
Discipline – the main subject in my self-help book, “It’s Never Game Over.”
Weight it’s only one of the issues we might have, depression is another one. Then there is the lack of motivation, faith, trust. And the list could continue indefinitely. I am sure you agree.
We all have a dream, but life is tough and incredibly hectic. We seldom find time to do everything we would like to, so we sit in front of the TV, or computer, and get lost in random shows every night.
“What is the point? I will never be successful. There is too much competition, and the market is saturated.”
Days, months, years go by, and we suddenly realise that life itself is passing us by.
Time is not a boomerang. Once it's gone, you’ll never see it again. But we know that, right?
Nobody lives forever… unfortunately or fortunately.
If you have a dream, you need to act now.
The competition is indeed ferocious, but the market will never be saturated if you have an original product. That could be a book, a coat, a kitchen appliance, a method, or a toy; anything really.
You know who Steve Jobs is, right? Who doesn’t?
Can you imagine a world without Apple?
I can’t, and believe it or not, I own no Apple device. I am a fan of genius, but my pockets are not that full… yet.
Steve had many issues with building this empire, but he never gave up. His dream was bigger than any other. So was his discipline.
With so many people wanting the same thing, you need to be tireless and outwork those around you.
Start with forging your character. Make a paradigm shift.
·        Depression can be overcome.
·        Happiness can be learned.
·        Self-esteem and self-confidence can be built.
·        You can lose weight and find love. But mostly, you can heal and transform your life.
·        You can make a name for yourself.

You just have to believe you can, and you are halfway there.
Read my book, take notes, apply them in your day-by-day life and you’ll see the results.
If you don’t see them is because you didn’t work hard enough. You were not disciplined and gave up too early.
I learned the hard way that if you have a dream, a goal, and a purpose, it’s never game over.

About the Author

Cristina G. was born in Romania during one of the harshest communist regimes that ever existed.

The tenth child of a farmer’s family, she has six sisters and used to have four brothers, now only two.

Aged eight, she read Les Misérables by Victor Hugo and fell irremediably in love with books. Since then she kept dreaming of writing for many years, and she wrote a lot, but never thought of publishing.

In 2012, after living in Italy for ten years, Cristina became a blogger.

In June of 2014, with the help of a British friend, she moved to the UK. Here, although her expectations were not great, Cristina fulfilled the dream she never dared to dream before.

Cristina G. is now a registered author and dedicates her life to writing focusing on human behaviour, emotions and feelings.

Her latest book is the self-help/nonfiction, It’s Never Game Over.



About the Book:

Author: Cristina G.
Publisher: Independent
Pages: 145 ebook/268 paperback
Genre: Nonfiction/Self-Help

It’s the end of the year but you have the impression it’s the end of your life?
Start the New Year with a plan. Don’t make a resolution, make a habit!
Whatever your situation might be now, you have the power to change it.
           Depression can be overcome.
           You can lose weight and find love.
           You can heal and transform your life.
Believe you’re happy, and you’re half way there.



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